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Just like many photographers, I knew my passion for photography when I picked up my first camera. At age seven my little spy camera and I documented everything the neighborhood boys did; they played with G.I.Joes in the front yard and I photographed them and their G.I.Joes. Motivated by the playful and whimsical mind of a child I still photograph children, but now with the eye and knowledge of a skilled photographer.

Capturing the essence of a complex subject takes wit, patience and fast action. I explore my talent of photography using imagination and adventure, creating fun environments for my subjects to act naturally. This is my life and something that makes me jump out of bed at the crack of dawn with a smile on my face.

After completing an advertising degree from Brooks Institute of Photography, I moved to the quick-paced, ambition-driven city of New York. Currently residing and working in New York and often traveling back to my roots in Southern California keeps me creative and focused on my work. I am available on both coasts for editorial and commercial photography.